Old Photographs: Leicester Demolition 2

A selection of photographs of Great Central Railway buildings and bridges south through Leicester from the Central station around the time of demolition.

See the page Old Photographs: Leicester Demolition 1 for photographs of demolition south through Leicester to the Central station.

Unfortunately, there are no photographs on this page of the demolition of Leicester Central, though some are shown on the ‘Last Day & Demolition’ page and the ‘Dereliction & Demolition’ page here, and some are also available on the Railway Archive site and on the Image Leicestershire site (search here for Grand Central Station [sic]).

Leicester Central to West Bridge

Site of GCR. Welles StreetLeicester

Looking south from the Leicester Central Station site with Welles Street in the foreground, 1980.  In the distance to the left of centre is the abutment of the bridge over the river and to the left of it is the well known Pex building with the tower crane.

West Bridge

West Bridge with GCR viaduct, Leicester

Panoramic view of West bridge, just prior to demolition of all the bridges, looking away from the city centre, 1978.
West Bridge Street is on the left, Saint Augustine Street in the centre, the river/canal on the right, and Leicester Central station is a couple of hundred yards off the picture to the right.
Note the red contractor’s van on the bridge over the river/canal in preparation for demolition.
For more photographs of this area see the West Bridge section.

Demolition of GCR bridges, West Bridge, Leicester

The final part of West Bridge Street bridge being removed, looking towards the city centre, 1978.  The bridges and viaduct here were the first to be demolished so that improvements could be made to this busy road junction on the edge of the city centre.

GCR viaduct demolition, Leicester

Demolition of the viaduct alongside Dunns Lane.  The top of the ‘Bowstring’ bridge at Braunstone Gate can be seen end-on above the viaduct still standing, and at far right is the ‘West End Inn’ pub which was later renamed the ‘Pump & Tap’.

Braunstone Gate

Braunstone Gate "Bowstring" bridge, GCR, Leicester

There was a long campaign to prevent demolition of the ‘Bowstring’ bridge in Braunstone Gate, seen here looking south-east.  The saga is summarised here:
Update May 2002 - De Montfort University has proposed building a swimming pool next to its sports hall, which will require the demolition of the viaduct to the north of the bridge.  Since there will be no support for its north end, the bridge will have to be taken down if the plans are approved.
Update July 2005: the route of the Great Central Way footpath is now diverted away from the viaduct and bridge here across the main road, and they both face demolition.  The City Council, which is responsible for them, is concerned about the deteriorating state of the bridge and the cost of maintaining it.  There has recently been a lot of debate about the future of the bridge by the council and in the local press.  Although many would like to see it preserved no one could suggest where the cost of preserving it would come from.  The council said that they were open to any suggestions of alternative use, but if nothing is forthcoming in the next year or so then its deteriorating condition will mean that they will have to demolish it.  The preserved Great Central Railway would not like to see it destroyed and said that they could provide a home for at least the sides for possible future use if some one were to provide funding to move it to them.
Update January 2006: although it had been hoped to demolish the bridge soon, the Leicester Mercury reported that, since the footpath that had been opened over the bridge had never been legally closed, the bridge is still classed as a public highway.  The required Stopping-up Order could take a year to obtain - doh!
Update 2007 - Leicester Civic Society has started a campaign with a petition to save the Bowstring Bridge.
Update August 2009 - The Leicester Mercury announced that the City Council has decided to remove the bridge as soon as possible, expecting to begin around September 21st.  However, Leicester Civic Society has applied to English Heritage for the bridge to be listed.
Update September 2009 - English Heritage declined to give the bridge listed status, so although there is a vocal outcry against its demolition the city council  is proceeding to have the bridge demolished as soon as possible.
Update October 2009 - Leicester City Council have announced that work on demolishing the Bowstring Bridge is scheduled to start from October 5th.
Update November 2009 - Demolition of the Bowstring Bridge is under way; see below.

Braunstone Gate "Bowstring" bridge, GCR, and sports hall Leicester

The De Montfort University sports hall is on the left.  The new swimming pool would be built subsequently on the right.

Braunstone Gate "Bowstring" bridge, GCR, Leicester

Looking south under the Braunstone Gate bridge.  On the left the new office developments on the GCR goods yard site stretch into the distance.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge, GCR

The east side of Braunstone Gate ‘Bowstring’ bridge, with the De Montfort University sports hall on the right.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge, GCR

Braunstone Gate ‘Bowstring’ bridge also spannned the Old River Soar as well as the road, here looking north.  Taken from the route of the diverted Great Central Way footpath which no longer passed over the bridge.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge, GCR

Looking south along the Great Central Way when it went across the Braunstone Gate ‘Bowstring’ bridge.  The viaduct walls were totally covered in graffiti.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge, GCR

Braunstone Gate ‘Bowstring’ bridge looking south.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge under demolition, GCR

October 10th 2009 - Demolition contractors have moved onto the ‘Bowstring’ Bridge, which is surrounded by security fencing to keep protesters off.  The road underneath may be closed “for up to 3 months”.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge under demolition, GCR

November 14th 2009 - Demolition is well on the way.  Much of the decking and half of the east side have been cut off, and are lying on the road in the foreground.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge under demolition, GCR

November 17th 2009 - Demolition is progressing swiftly.

Advanced demolition of Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge, GCR

November 28th 2009 - Demolition will soon be completed.  Cutting is well underway on the cross members between the main horizontal girders.

Braunstone Gate bridge “Bowstring” bridge demolished, GCR

December 1st 2009 - Demolition of the ‘Bowstring’ bridge is now complete.  The contractors are removing the scaffolding while the last girders cut down lie on the ground to the right.

Goods Shed

Leicester GCR goods shed demolition

The goods shed during demolition in 1996.

Leicester GCR goods shed demolition

A closer view of the goods shed during demolition revealing more of the method of construction.  In the foreground on the right lie sections of the flooring which have been cut out.

Upperton Road Viaduct

Upperton Road bridge over ex-Great Central Railway, Leicester

Upperton Road viaduct over the Great Central just south of the goods yard in 2007 just before demolition, looking east.  By then the structure was in a poor state, with a leaning brick parapet and rusting ironwork, and had to have additional supports installed underneath (see below).

Upperton Road bridge over ex-Great Central Railway, Leicester

Extra supports under a rusting section of Upperton Road viaduct, looking south.

Clearing beneath Upperton Road bridge over ex-Great Central Railway, Leicester

In March 2007 the remaining track under Upperton Road viaduct was being cleared in preparation for the temporary diversionary road which was built for use while the viaduct was demolished.  Compare with the photographs further down this page.

Cleared trackbed, south of Upperton Road bridge, GCR, Leicester

Looking south from the viaduct showing the track bed being cleared for the temporary road.  In the distance the rails of the chord leading up to the ex-Midland Railway Leicester to Burton line can be made out.

Cleared trackbed, north of Upperton Road bridge, GCR, Leicester

Looking north from the viaduct, in March 2007.  On the right are the remaining rails of the sidings and tracks that entered the goods yard while on the left is the Great Central Way footpath and cycle way on the track bed of the main line.

Upperton Road, Leicester, GCR viaduct demolition

By August 2007 the wide bridge over the Old River Soar which lead into the goods yard had been demolished to make way for a Bailey bridge at a different angle.  This temporarily carried the diverted traffic while the viaduct was demolished and Upperton Road relaid.  A girder of the old bridge lies in the foreground, on the left, and beyond it a temporary footbridge has already been installed.

Old photo of bridge into GCR goods yard, Leicester

For comparison, here is the same view as the previous photograph but in December 1973 when the coal yard and scrap yards were being shunted by 0-6-0 diesel shunter number 3400.

Upperton Road, Leicester, GCR viaduct demolition temporary Bailey bridge

This view in September 2007 shows the main Bailey bridge for the diverted road in place and just required finishing touches.

Upperton Road, Leicester, GCR viaduct demolition

Looking from the west side of the viaduct in August 2007.  Factories in the foreground had been demolished to make way for the temporary diversionary road and there was now a clear view of the viaduct that had not been possible for many years.

Start of demolition Upperton Road viaduct, Leicester, GCR

On 21st October 2007 demolition of the viaduct was under way and one steel span on the left had already been removed.

Start of demolition of Upperton Road viaduct, Leicester, GCR

A little later cutting had progressed to the next steel span and demolition of the brick abutment on the left had started.

Demolition of Upperton Road viaduct, Leicester, GCR

By 27th October 2007 all of the steel work of the viaduct had been removed and demolition of the brickwork at the western end of the viaduct was progressing rapidly.  The powerful demolition equipment removed big chunks of the brickwork so the demolition was very quick.  In the foreground are two of the mobile telescopic lighting towers with generators since demolition was authorised to continue through each night for the week.

Temporary road during demolition of Upperton Road viaduct GCR, Leicester,

By November 2007 the temporary road was open and the remains of the viaduct were slowly being removed.  The pedestrian crossing is where the Great Central Way crosses the road.

Temporary road during demolition of Upperton Road viaduct GCR, Leicester

The car has just crossed the Bailey bridge across the Old River Soar.  This temporary bridge was being used while the remaining length of the viaduct over the river was demolished and replaced by a new permanent bridge.

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