Old Photographs: Nottingham to Rugby

This section features photographs of a trip along the remaining stretch of the former Great Central Railway between Rugby and Nottingham a couple of weeks before closure.

Although covering much that is outside the original intention of this site of showing the Great Central Railway around Leicester, these photographs taken on a journey by the shuttle train on 17th April 1969, shortly before closure, along the full extent of the line then open have been included since they will be of interest to those who are aware of the remains of these stations today.

The train journey starts at Leicester in the middle and heads to the northern terminus in Nottingham, before heading back southwards, travelling through Leicester and on to the southern terminus at Rugby, before returning to Leicester.

Leicester to Nottingham.

View from GCR of River Soar, Leicester

On departing north from Leicester Central station the train immediately travelled along the north viaduct.  Here we were about to cross the River Soar, looking west, with the area known as Frog Island on the left.

Loughborough Central station

The first stop was at Loughborough Central station, now the home of the preserved Great Central Railway, here photographed as the train departed northwards.

Brush type 4 (class 47) passing Loughborough Midland, from GCR bridge

Crossing the Midland Main Line on the northern outskirts of Loughborough with the platforms of Loughborough Midland station.  Luck was in since a Brush type 4 (class 47), Co-Co, D1823 was passing heading northwards away from the camera.  It was appropriate to see this locomotive here since the Brush works, where many of this class were built, is in the background on the right.
Replacement of the bridge here on which my train was traveling is a major goal of the preserved Great Central Railway as part of its ‘Bridging the Gap’ project.

East Leake station

The first stop north of Loughborough was at East Leake, which the train is just approaching.  There is another, more detailed, photograph further down this page taken on the return journey.

Rushcliffe Halt station, GCR

Passing through the then closed platforms of Ruscliffe Halt.  This is the destination for current deliveries of gypsum, via the Midland main line, to the Hotchley Hill Gypsum works, part of which can just be made out in the background through the footbridge.

DMU passenger train at Nottingham Arkwright Street station, GCR

The train having arrived at Nottingham Arkwright Street.  This suburban station had been reopened since the centrally located Victoria station was being demolished and redeveloped as a shopping centre.
Arkwright Street station was on a viaduct (notice the chimneys all around), and appears to have required strengthening by girders along the platform.  Only the southbound platform was being used and the train had crossed over to reach this platform from the northbound line opposite.
After all the passengers had got off, the train departed empty southwards, away from the camera, before shortly returning northwards on the right-hand track.  The vehicles are M50626 & M56211.

DMU passenger train at Nottingham Arkwright Street station, GCR

Arkwright Street station, looking south, with more reinforcing girders along the platform on the left.

Nottingham Arkwright Street, nearest station to Trent Bridge cricket and football grounds

“Nearest station to Trent Bridge cricket and football grounds”.  This interesting sign was lying on the northbound platform.

DMU, Nottingham Arkwright Street station

The train shortly returned on the correct, northbound, line and headed towards Weekday Cross Junction to gain access to the rest of the railway system.

Entrance to Nottingham Arkwright Street station

The very modest entrance to Nottingham Arkwright Street station then in use, down at street level.

GCR bridge over Nottingham Midland station

There was some time before the next train south to Rugby on the ex-GCR line, so the opportunity was taken to walk to the nearby Nottingham Midland station and photograph the imposing GC viaduct over the platforms.  Type-4 Co-Co no. 1531 is in the far platform.

Nottingham to Leicester.

East Leake station

East Leake station, on the return journey south, with the guard/conductor checking the doors after the passengers have got on, before departure.

Belgrave & Birstall station, GCR

Passing through the then closed Belgrave and Birstall station, which has now been replaced by the newly built Leicester North station on the preserved Great Central Railway.

Entering Leicester Central station

Crossing the Northgate Street bridge and about to enter Leicester Central station,

Entering Leicester Central station, with track removed

Leicester Central showing the north bay with redundant track removed.

Departing Leicester Central station

Departing southwards from Leicester Central with the south signal box and the south bay.

 Leicester to Rugby.

Leicester Central goods yard

The south goods yard, with coal wagons predominating.

Class 27 diesel locomotive at Leicester Central goods yard

Bo-Bo D5399 (later class 27) with a train of scrap metal at Leicester goods yard. Looking north with Upperton Road bridge in the distance.

Leicester Central engine shed and chord line

The derelict Leicester Central locomotive shed on the left and the chord line in the foreground, which had been put in a few years before, up to the ex-Midland Railway, Leicester to Burton line.
A temporary chord in a similar location was actually used during the construction of the GCR.  A photograph of it from the Newton Collection can be seen at
https://www.railwayarchive.org.uk/getobject?rnum=L1720 when the surroundings were much more rural.  ‘The Midland Railway: A Chronology’ gives the opening date of the new chord as April 1965.

Whetstone station, GCR

Looking back while passing through the closed Whetstone station.

M1 motorway from Bridge on GCR

Crossing the M1 motorway, looking north.  The lack of a central safety barrier on the motorway at this time is very evident, and now rather alarming.

Train on ex-GCR alongside M1 motorway, north of Ashby Magna

The M1 motorway was built right next to the Great Central line for several miles to the north of Lutterworth, as can be seen here looking forwards through the driver’s cab.

Ashby Magna station

Passengers leaving the train at Ashby Magna station.

Ashby Magna tunnel

About to enter the very short Ashby Magna tunnel.

Lutterworth station

Entering Lutterworth station.

"Bird cage" bridge Rugby

Crossing the ‘bird cage’ viaduct at Rugby over the ex-LNWR main line, looking north towards Rugby ex-LMS station.

Rugby Central station

After alighting at Rugby Central Station the empty train travelled south for a few hundred yards before returning and crossing over into the northbound platform

Passenger train, Rugby Central station

At Rugby Central, the train is now ready in the northbound platform for the next service back to Nottingham, while a unit composed of M50763, M59310, and M50798 is in the siding.

Rugby Central station entrance

Rugby Central Station entrance at road level.

 Rugby to Leicester.

Rugby Central station

Later in the day, before taking the train to Leicester, passengers had to wait while the train which had arrived from Leicester ran round from the southbound platform to the northbound.  Here the train is just entering the northbound platform.

Approaching Leicester Central station and the bowstring bridge

Approaching Leicester Central station from the south, the train is about to cross Braunstone Gate ‘Bowstring’ bridge.  On the right are lorries of BRS (British Road Services), which had taken over the GCR goods depot, behind which is the Kirby & West milk bottling plant, and in the distance the Pex hosiery factory.

Departing Leicester Central station for Nottingham

Back at Leicester Central Station, after alighting, the train heads off towards Nottingham again across the north viaduct.  The out-of-use colour light signals have all been turned sideways.

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